geophrasebook — First of its kind free language survival tool: Geo location specific phrasebook based on social networking.

14 languages (more coming soon), access most frequently used phrases either by selecting a topic or a point of interest, easy to use phrase search function, REAL-TIME translation support, learn the language of choice through interactive language learning tool.

Most commonly used languages of the world at your disposal.

Available at any time and in any part of the world geophrasebook is the most useful phrasebook and language tool you will ever find. Do you want to say hello to your friends in their native language? Not a problem – use geophrasebook to look up a phrase and tell it to your friends or send it to them.

Do you want to learn a foreign language or even just a useful phrase? geophrasebook will help you.

Add a desired phrase to the list of phrases you want to learn and our app will help you learn it through reminders, repetition and testing. Do you travel a lot or want to learn several languages? Just choose the desired phrases (or languages) you want to learn and learn them with geophrasebook wherever you are at any time.

Do you want to boast about your new achievements? Tell your friends about the new languages you are learning through the “Share” function.

You can easily share your location and recently learnt phrases which will be reflected as a new status on your social networking page. Create your own collection of phrases, share achievements and become a polyglot guru of modern day communication! Geophrasebook- is a right decision.